the vintage modern blend apartment

client: private

location: kolonaki / athens

architectural design: archivirus

construction: panagiotis bletsas

photography: alex grymanis

materials: aronis signed design - patiris - interni - mofu

date: 2015



The ‘vintage modern blend’ project is about the renovation of an apartment built during the 70’s. The initial plan of the house supports a circular movement, leading from the living areas to the more private ones and via versa. We kept this circular route and transformed it into a passage through different time periods. Walking from the entrance hall to the living room area, you start feeling the blend between modern pieces and inherited ones. The old fireplace made of marble and wood has been replaced with more modern elements, like the raw concrete bench and the black minimal fireplace but still stimulating your nostalgic senses by keeping the same old wood to create new shelves. The eclectic scheme keeps being theatrical as you walk further into the space while the industrial sliding panels (made of steel and glass) together with the brick wall are getting married with the vintage furniture. At that blurry point where the old meets the new, the latter one dominates the scene with a high-end kitchen. The kitchen marks the boundaries between different textures, patterns and periods. The dark wooden floor gives its place to a paternal black and white tile which penetrates into the private areas of the house to meet again with the wooden floor of the entrance hall. Still in the private core of the house you can sense again the attractive mixture of different time periods. The final scene is achieved organically and will evolve with the owner allowing the space to be an ever-changing and inspiring environment.