penthouse renovation in glyfada

client: private

location: glyfada / athens

architectural design: archivirus

construction: gabigrup

materials: aronis signed design

date: 2014



The young family that bought this relatively new constructed penthouse, wanted to change the old classic interiors to a modern and warm living space. The earth colors are dominant to our proposal which tries to integrate as less side furniture as possible. The fireplace setting integrates the tv as well as a linear shelf running across the living room area while the lighting elements become part of the ceiling. In the same logic the dining table is actually becoming the continuation of the kitchen counter uniting this way the space rather than splitting it. Similar design lines dominate also in the exterior with linear integrated seating elements becoming at the same time flower pots and then tranforming into an open bar counter and a barbeque. Moving louvres cover the biggest part of the terrace allowing the light to penetrate when this is desirable.