split residence

client: private


location: voula / athens


architectural design: archivirus


date: 2014


It used to be a single family house and it worked just fine. On the groundfloor there was the living area zone (kitchen-livingroom-diningroom-guestroom and a wc) and on the first floor the private areas(bedrooms and bathrooms). When the kids grew up the needs of the family changed. The house became huge for just the parents and the one of the daughters was about to start her own family so she was in need of a house. archivirus was asked to split the single two-storey residence in two saperate houses, one on each floor. The basic goal was the the creation of two separate entrances which fortunately was easy enough because the position of the staircase was on the outer perimeter. We created a groundfloor residence with an open plan kitchen and livingroom area on the front part and the bedrooms on the back. On the first floor we destroyed the two children bedrooms on the front part and instead we proposed an open plan living room and kitchen area with a small wc. On the back part we kept the master bedroom for the parents as it was and we tranformed the childrens' bathroom into a small guestroom. The split process was a success and the single family residence was ready to be transformed in two different family 'homes' the one nesting into the other.