linear display

client: i-eyewear

location: chalandri / athens

architectural design: archivirus

construction: Gabigrup

photographer: Athanasia Psaraki

date: 2013


This project concerns the design of an optical store in the area of Chalandri, a northern suburb of Athens. The store is located in a mainly residential area and under the ground level. It could be characterized as a small community store with strong local character. When we were asked to redesign it as an optical store we wanted to keep its 'underground' profile. So we decided to keep its original facade made of steel and pour a grey concrete floor to match the raw aesthetics. Because 'glasses' is a very small and delicate product but also an important element of beauty for men and women, we proposed a linear system of display, as much invisible as possible. Very thin layers of steel run across the walls almost like pencil lines. Their support is hidden into the walls and thus the product comes in front line. The rest of the materials used, 'natural wood' and 'white wooden surfaces' give the space a warm appeal while tree trunks jumb out from the concrete floor to create a natural storefront.