skroponeri eboias

client : PROTEAS Α.Ε. – DΟΜΕΣ

location: skroponeri eboias – greece

architectural design: archivirus in collaboration with efi psiachoulia

date: 2006  




escape into the landscape ‘’Cosimo Piovasco di Rondo – lived in trees – always loved earth – went into sky.’’ by Italo Calvino ‘The Baron in the Trees’


it is a surreal story that inspired us to investigate, discover and finally create spatial relations between man and nature. In an era where man constantly tries to escape from the hard reality, a residential complex in a virgin landscape, only a few kilometers outside Athens, can actually bring man closer to nature rather than just become one more luxury touristic development. the basic concept of our proposal is the tree as a living organism as well as the spatial relations which can create with the land, the water and the sky. taking this into account we proposed a route starting from the peninsula, which is the lower point(the routes), continues to the main body and elevates gradually till it reaches the higher point where the residences are located(the leaves). in that way the whole complex becomes alive and grows through a number of functions which take place in a network of primary and secondary arteries with man being the protagonist. following that route the residents and the visitors have the chance to live the pulse of a living organism becoming themselves an inseparable part of it. in addition the whole route offers multiple visual and spatial escapes. In the lower point(the peninsula), are located a marine, decks for fishing, a skate park as well as a small floating theater which offers a visual escape towards the bay. continuing the elevation, on the right and left from the main body of the route, are located all the commercial functions such as hotels, restaurants, bars etc. it is really interesting that all the above functions are located in a lower level from the main circulation axis that gives the chance for a first experience between land and sky. the transition to the lower level is succeeded through smoother or steeper ramps, which are also the basic construction elements of that pedestrian bridge. continuing the route and reaching the point where the land morphology allows the maximum elevation above the earth, two big squares are morphed, which give the impression that hang over the sea. in the same level and towards the hill are located an arts workshop and an exhibition space while a bit further up we propose farming lands. finally, immediately after the farmlands starts a personal adventurous elevation route to the residences where the contact with the sky is the basic experience. the residences are designed with ridable roofs on a cantilever, visual escapes towards the bay and the possibility for isolation to whom they need it. additionally inside the residences, is taking place, a similar process to photosynthesis. The rainwater becomes the basic element of the residences which passes through them and some of it is gathered in central vessels for house usage while the rest of it comes out, creating small waterfalls. in conclusion an independent artery starts from the upper level of the road to end up in underground parking areas. In that way priority is given to the pedestrian so he can feel the pulses of the landscape.