phat soles

client: phat soles

location: eurocenter / glyfada

architectural design: archivirus

construction: Gabi Grup

photographer: Athanasia Psaraki

date: 2012


the design of the new phatsoles in the central market of Glyfada focuses on a core character with some vintage touch. the store specializes in authentic sneakers and limited edition models, so the main concern of the design was the best possible projection of the shoe. we tried to avoid the design of a particular shoe-stand like it is used in most stores, tackling this issue with a wider perspective. we proposed brick walls painted white, punctured with holes and pins to accommodate the shoes, in contrast with dark wood for the floor and a bench-window. the idea was a white industrial background with an invisible support mechanism for the shoes. hydraulic pipes and rusted metal panels fill in the core character of the store while the wood integrates with the brick to create a cash desk and a shop window.