black & white

client: rebuild

location: Kallipoli - Piraeus

architectural design: archivirus

construction: rebuild

photographer: Athanasia Psaraki

date: 2011-2012



black & white project is about a renovation of an apartment at an area near Piraeus, called Kallipoli. The apartment was originally built in early seventies, is 74 m2 and used to accommodate a four- member family. The spaces of the apartment were quiet small and tight in order to serve the different needs of the family. Thus there was a narrow living room area with a dining table, a very small kitchen and bathroom and two bedrooms one for the kids and one for the parents. The scenario changed when the son of the family decided to live alone at the same place where he grew up but playing a different role this time. With no family of his own as a single family member and holding a chef diploma the client desired the maximum kitchen-living room and dining area and one big bedroom with a smaller one serving as a guest room, an office or a future child’s room. Our proposal in order to succeed the maximum space for the kitchen and living room area was an open plan kitchen getting down the one wall and giving the square meters of the one room to the living room area. The old narrow living room gave its place to a new comfortable square space with more light and air. The old kitchen was removed and its place took the smaller room. The old parents’ bedroom was transformed to a modern space with a custom made bed hanging from the ceiling. The dominant colors and materials used in this project are black and white to emphasize the contrast of such big change.