kir royal

client: rebuild

location: Kastella - Piraeus

architectural design: archivirus

construction: rebuild

photographer: Athanasia Psaraki

date: 2011-2012  



in a period when financial crisis is a reality and the design market asks mainly for cheap and raw materials, 'kir royal' is a rather optimistic project. the client wanted to have a restaurant that would capture the vibrant spirit of the Belle Epoque. located in Kastella, Piraeus an area with a rich past because of its geographical position near the harbour, the project refers to a high esteem audience. archivirus' goal was to design a space that could remind the visitors the joy of living during Belle Epoque. in order the restaurant to radiate this gracious feeling we proposed certain materials with wood to be the dominant one. wood on the floor and on the walls in combination with marble for the bar counter and steel rails for the loft give the space a temporal feeling of a wealthier epoque. two big chandeliers hanging from the ceiling right in the center of the restaurant enhance this upper feeling. 'kir royal' project is realized to offer a quick and easy gateaway from the today's economical crisis to the sweet memory of a luxury past.