low budget story 3

client: Board Sports Distribution

location: Athens Heart / Pireos Street / Athens-Greece

architectural design: archivirus in collaboration with Nick Tsitsimelis

construction: Gabi Grup

photographer: Athanasia Psaraki

date: 2011


The story goes on with a shop in shop downtown Athens.

the area where the shopping mall is situated

is mostly industrial full of small factories and warehouses.

aim of the design was the shop to look more

like a construction site rather than a luxury boutique.

we wanted to create an atmosphere that even the

low-income worker, child or family would feel comfortable

to buy well known street label cloths in good prices.

so the side walls of the shop, a big rectangular space around 150 s.q. meters,

are made of common red brick, the same one we see at the

construction sites while the floor is left the way it was - raw concrete.

wooden palettes and stands made of cheap hydraulic pipes

are scattered randomly around the shop displaying the products

while the brick walls serve for a face-out display.

in conradiction to this raw atmosphere some wooden frames

serving for the shoes display and the accesories are the only

remnants of a wealthier past and maybe the only hopeful vessels

for a better future...